Frank Magliato Specializes in Finding Opportunities for Clients

January 18, 2018
Frank Magliato has also served on a number of company boards of directors, including for a number of companies, including Nabali Investments, Capital Trading Group and Veragold Mining Company, among many others. One of his board positions demonstrates his strong philanthropic side. He serves as a board for Guardian Foundation, whose primary mission is to improve the health and welfare of underprivileged children in the Republic of Panama through the generaous distribution of grants.

Frank Magliato has been sharpening his business acumen in many ways over his quite varied 35-year business career. He was once the president of Saddle River Associates & Company, an equity trader. There, he has specialized in corporate transactions and helped complete more than $500 million of projects, including a huge sale in which food conglomerate Del Monte purchased Natural Balance Pet Foods.

Frank Magliato’s High Level of Business Expertise

July 20, 2017
For more than a quarter century, Frank Magliato has been compiling a huge record of experience and he has been sharpening his skills as a businessman. That is because he believes strongly that experience is the best teacher. Of course, before he gained experience, he made sure he had as much formal education as possible, beginning with a degree in engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and following that up with a degree in Business from New York University.
Frank Magliato
No matter what, though, Frank Magliato considers his practical education to be at least as valuable, if not more so, than his academic record, which is why he has so much of it. Frank Magliato once was the President of Saddle River Associates & Company, a private equity company, where he specialized in corporate transactions. From there, he either led or participated in projects that topped more than $500 million in value. Overall, experience includes work in private and public equity transactions in many different financial areas. He has guided deals in a great many areas, including mining, social media, telecom and real estate development, as well as many others.